Sep 6, 2011

Looking for a new start??

Maybe Financial Crisis will end up knocking on your door too..

Do you feel like making a radical change?

Be determined, but don't hurry!
Have a look at the Worldwide Cost of Living survey 2011 - City rankings.
Maybe the only important thing is not just finding a good job.

 City rankings:
Top 50 cities: Cost of living ranking
Mercer international basket including rental accommodation costs
Base City: New York, US

March 2011 aaaaaMarch 2010 aaaaaaCity aaaaaaaaCountry
1aaaaaaaaaaaaa 1 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaLuanda aaaaaAngola
2 aaaaaaaaaaaaa2 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaTokyo aaaaaaJapan
3 aaaaaaaaaaaaa3 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaN'Djamena aaChad
4 aaaaaaaaaaaaa4 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMoscow aaaaRussia
5 aaaaaaaaaaaaa5 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaGeneva aaaa
For the whole list go to

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