Aug 29, 2009

A few words about us..

Welcome to a world where everything is possible…
a new world where even pigs can fly!!!
So open your mind, welcome to X-PIGS!
X-PIGS is an innovative effort which aims at bringing in contact and unison everyone who hides an extreme pig .

X-PIGS started as a web site of solely economic content evolving however into a portal whose main goal is to satisfy even the most demanding readers expanding its articles to contain more than 60 different categories of interest …
Our objective is to inform our readers, give them food for thought, alert them, bring them to action and last but not least entertain them.
We go around searching for the latest news around the world and we bring them to you through XPIGS. We like to say our opinion about different issues concerning humanity nowadays and we invite you do the same.
X-PIGS break fresh ground enabling every visitor to become an author. Publish your article with YOUR name under it NOW. Just send us your article at "" and we will publish it immediately
with your nick name!!!
For more info on the creators of this site click here.
If you like X-PIGS support our effort and vote for our site in the blog badges we provide.
If you feel like you’re hiding an X-pig inside become X-PIGS members and you are going to receive our newsletter and lots of useful ‘extreme pig’ presents for free!!! Click here..
Thank you for the time you spared for our site!!!

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