Aug 16, 2011

15 minutes of exercise a day can extend life by three years

According to this new National Research, it seems really easy to win three more years of life.. I think it is worth trying. Why not?

"It's for men, women, the young and old, smokers, healthy and unhealthy people. Doctors, when they see any type of patient, this is a one-size-fits-all type of advice," the lead researcher Chi Pang Wen told Reuters in a telephone interview.

(Reuters) - Doing just 15 minutes of moderate exercise a day may add three years to your life, a large study in Taiwan has found.

After taking into account differences in age, weight, sex and a range of health-related indicators, they found that just 15 minutes of moderate exercise a day increased life expectancy by three years compared to those who remained inactive.

"The first 15 minutes ... the benefits are enormous," Wen said.

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