Aug 3, 2010

Would you prefer an old fashioned movie.. or a breathtaking 3-D ?

by Greis,

A joke making the rounds online involves a pair of red and green glasses and some blurry letters that say, “If you can’t make it good, make it 3-D.”

Almost everybody knows that "AVATAR" became the most successful film ever made..
But was it because of the three dimensional world of James Cameron that we explored or there was something more behind the enchanting multi-coloured fary-tale.
Also an enormous success was recorded by "Alice in Wonderland" of Tim Burton which followed imediately after.

On the other hand, filmakers are working hard on having nearly 60 3-D movies for the next two years..
Numerous online complaints have been counted this year, eventhough the measurement of the audience resistance to the three dimensional cinema productions is quite difficult since with every new release the box offices are set on fire..

To read more about this topic, refer to "The New York Times" article

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